Greenvault logo cannabis dispenser for your dispensary

The most effective budtender

for increasing your dispensary benefits


Built with all the details

Greenvault surprises your patients by delivering the products in attractive and carefully designed boxes.

The boxes allows you to reload the storage of greenvault easily and in a few minutes.

Greenvault is the most profitable area of your dispensary

  • it needs only 5 square feet!
  • You can load 419 products.
  • Secure anti vandal storage, reducing any risk of shrinkage, damage and preventing it from being robbed.

Greenvault is the state of the art automatic dispenser

It works like a self sufficient dispensary through a software interfaced to your dispensary.

It will check and monitor patient’s purchases, keep track of all products loaded in the machine and sold by it.

Greenvault guarantees the highest satisfaction of your patients

An attractive vertical 24 inc. touch screen provides patient the most pleasant purchase experience.

The patient can browse through high resolution images and find all needed information about products stored.

Greenvault has an efficient and reliable Biometric control for secure deliveries to patients.

Connectivity and Management

Greenvault has a web based Management Software allowing to get detailed reports and statistics regarding sales, loading and dispensing. Moreover it allows you to track any single item from loading to dispensing.

Greenvault can be interfaced to your Management Software becoming an integrated part of your Dispensary.

Greenvault has also a networking capability for creating network with hundreds of units managed by one head quarter.

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