Greenvault logo cannabis dispenser for your dispensary

The most effective budtender

for increasing your dispensary benefits

Biometric customer’s control

Each patient is recognized by entering a microchip

membership card and by a finger print.

The membership card has a pre-paid capability and allows loyalty programs. It is also ready for refill by credit card.


Patient can pay by cash (coin and banknote).

Please visit Characteristics Page to chek the type of accepted money.

Greenvault Browsing Station

It is the accessory that allows you to create a Greenvault Automatic Gallery into your dispensary. It is unique and the best possible queue-buster allowing you to serve several patients simultaneously.

Patient can choose his products at any browsing station and then he will pick them up at Greenvault.

You can have your own tailor-made Greenvault Automatic  Gallery as for the traffic and for the space available in your dispensary.

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