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Videosystem S.r.l. has been founded in 1991 in Vicenza (Italy). Its actual premises is in Schio (Vi – Italy): offices are in a 1,000 sqm building and the production department is 3,000 sqm big (i.e. productions lines for automatic dispensers and warehouse for logistic).
The success of Videosystem S.r.l. is strictly related to the production of DVD automatic dispensers: more than 13,000 of those machines have been  installed in 25 countries in the world (i.e. 2,600 in Spain, 2,600 in France, 2,000 in Italy, 1,500 in USA, 500 in Germany, 350 in Holland, 300 in Canada etc).

Videosystem S.r.l. develops and assembles electronics and software for its products.
Taking advantage of the long experience in robotic and automatic dispensers Videosystem S.r.l. developed and is producing from 2008 a full range automatic dispensers for Pharmacies: PHARMASELF 24. Videosystem S.r.l. is successfully marketing Pharmaself in UK, Italy, Spain, Holland, USA, Chile etc.
Now Videosystem S.r.l. is bringing is experience and know how in the cannabis industry with the innovative Automatic Dispenser GREENVAULT.

Videosystem Srl
via Lago di Albano, 45
36015 Schio (VI) ITALY

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